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The 2009 Cruising Year  - "Back into Canada --- Again!!!"

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The 2009 Cruising Year  - "Back into Canada ---- Again!!!"
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Cruising Plan for 2009

We got a late start this year and didn't reconnect with Letitia until late July. She was waiting anxiously for us on the Erie Winter Harbor Marina in Brewerton, NY.
Because of the late start we headed back into Canada and spend the rest of our time there. That sounds simple but when I added it up it, with commissioning Letitia at the front end and putting her to bed at the end, we only had about 40 days to cruise. 1,900 mile car drives to and from Texas do add a little time too.

We went back up into the Thousand Islands and explored a little first. We had a guest coming with us for the first part of the trip and had scheduled several extra days before we met him in  Kingston, ON. After that it was up the Rideau. We spent a glorious 33 days going up and then back the on the Canal with some sightseeing by car included.

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