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The 2008 Cruising Year  - "Back into Canada"

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The 2008 Cruising Year  - "Back into Canada"
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Cruising Plan for 2008

This year we return to Moxie Marina on White Lake on the western coast of Michigan to reconnect with Letitia, who has been lounging in heated storage all winter.
Here is a sketch of our plans as we are beginning to flesh them out (as of January).


Our current thinking is to continue our retrograde loop back east through Canada and into the Erie Canal where we'll once again put Letitia in heated storage. As you can see, I've divided the trip into relatively logical segments. We expect to have visitors during various periods of time although their stays probably won't coincide exactly with entire segments as outlined. Except for the Rideau Canal, we traveled through all these areas in 2005 so our plan is to explore those places we missed on our westward trip. A significant difference will be finding the tiny Canadian buoys in the morning sun this year.

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