Letitia                                                                      (back to LoopCruiser)

is a 1979  Gulfstar 44 Motor Cruiser


She is 44' long (plus a little for the swim platform),
14.5' wide and draws a little over 4'

She is powered by a pair of Perkins 6.354 160 hp diesel engines

She has a 12 kw motor generator, a 2500 watt inverter, and a battery bank large enough to provide about 55 hours of AC current at the rate we use it.

We can carry 550 gallons of diesel, 250 gallons of water, and have an 85 gallon holding tank.


She has a 'displacement hull', (looks almost like a sailboat's).
This means that she doesn't plane but rather pushes (displaces) the water out of the way as she goes.
This gives us a top speed of around eight and a quarter knots (around 10 mph).

I have put together two "tours" of Letitia that you can take - depending ou your interest

                               The Home Tour

The dark side,  The Mechanical Part

Welcome Aboard!


There are two generously sized staterooms aboard Letitia. The forward stateroom is a V berth with plenty of storage and teak and holly flooring. The master stateroom has a walk around queen with built in dressers on either side. Nice head with separate shower and tub.


 Let me give you a little tour of Letitia. 

We'll start at the Aft end of the boat (the back). 


This is the Sundeck facing aft. And directly below the Sundeck is the Master Bedroom. Queen bed with built-in cabinets. Come down the stairs from the Sundeck into the living room/dinning room, etc.  -  the Salon.
Walk forward between the recliners and 
turn around. You are now facing aft again. 
Now turn around again and look down to your left. 
 - the Galley
Step down the stairs for a better look.
On the same level opposite the Galley is the Office (in the original drawing its the the forward head). Looking Forward is the 'Vee Berth' And up above us is the 'Flying Bridge'

I didn't get a shot of the front loading Washer and vented Dryer but they are just as you go down to the Master Bedroom. The amount of storage in each stateroom is wonderful!

She has all the comforts of home.


We lived full time on Letitia from January 2004 to October 2005, almost two years. During that time she carried us from New Orleans around the Great Loop to the top of the Tenn-Tom waterway, where Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama touch. We lived on her full time for six mouths during the summer of 2006 and almost that long during the 2007 and 2008 summers. We expect her to be our summer home for several more to come.

Well, that's the tour.

You don't have to go to the top of the page  to see The Mechanical Part

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The Capt'n