Letitia is a Gulfstar 44 Motor Cruiser, our home for this adventure

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The Adventures 

(and MisAdventures)

of Elliott and Mary

This is the story of Mary, Elliott, and Letitia.

Together we are living a grand adventure and we thought you might care to look over our shoulders as we go.

I have a "We Are Here" page with the current map and plan. It is supposed to get updated more often than the narrative. I might get around to current pictures here too.

  There is also a  "Tools and  Resources" page where I have put some planning aids for Loop travel.


2010 To the Bay

This year we will continue our clock-wise loop and go back to the Chesapeake. The summers in Michigan and Canada were great (we may decide we have to turn around and go back in a year or two)  but we have things to do and places to see.

We'll take another bite of the Big Apple and brave the Jersey coast. All in all we expect a great time.

2009 Back into Canada---again!!

We found that a leisurely pace and a quieter summer were very much to our liking. This year we went even a little slower and not quite as far as in years past. We picked Letitia up in Brewerton, NY on the Erie canal and went back toward Canada and the Rideau Canal. We choose to just go up and back on the Canal.  Inspite of the pace, we may go even slower next year.

2008 Back into Canada

We got back to Michigan right after Memorial Day (June 1 for the calendar challenged like me). We soon headed back up the coast and back into Canada.. We checked into Canada at Blind River and started our trek east through the North Channel and Georgian Bay toward the Trent-Severn Waterway and points east.

Objectives for the summer were to spend more time in the North Channel, Georgian Bay, and up the Trent-Severn than we did in 2005. After we get to Kingston, ON our plan was to head up the Rideau waterway system to Ottawa and back. We ran out of time or steam or something. After Kingston and a short tour of the Thousand Islands we put Letitia in heated storage for the winter in Brewerton, NY. We'll go to the Rideau next year

2007 The Big Lake

We had a relatively easy summer. We went up the Michigan coast to the Straits of Mackniac and up onto the Les Cheneau Islands for a great gunkholeing in the 'North Woods'. 

We spent some time on Grand Traverse Bay and on Lake Charlevoix, both delightful bodies of water.

After cruising with several sets of friends during the summer we returned to Whitehall and Moxie Marina where we put Letitia up for another winter. 

2006 River Rats

We  wintered in Austin, Tx while Letitia waited patiently for our return. We liked Lake Michigan so much  we decided to do several month's travel on the western rivers and then turn around and go back up the rivers to  the 'Big Lake'. On May 4 we headed up the Tennessee River to Knoxville. Eventually we headed back down the Tennessee and then up the Ohio, the Mississippi, and the Illinois to Lake Michigan. After an interesting summer we put Letitia to bed in heated storage and headed back to Austin for the winter.

2005  Off to finish the "Great Loop"

On Feb. 27, after a delightful stay, we set out  back north for our 2005 cruising  trip.
Our 2005 plan was to do the "Great Loop" - up the east coast to NY, up the Hudson and the Erie Canal to Lake Ontario, across Ontario on the Trent-Severn Waterway, through the Georgian Bay and the North Channel to the top of Lake Michigan, down to Chicago, down the Illinois, down the Mississippi to Cairo, then up the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers to the  Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. From there we would go down to Mobile, Al with arrival around Nov. 1.  From there we were going to Houston for the Winter.

A couple of ladies(?) named Katrina and Rita caused us to reevaluate our plans. We decided to stop at the start of the Tenn-Tom and winter the boat at Aqua Yacht Harbor on Pickwick Lake at the corner of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

2004 Starting the Adventure

In 2004 we moved aboard Letitia in Slidell, LA. We left March 28, 2004 headed for the East Coast and the Chesapeake Bay. It was interesting figuring out how to live on a boat, how get from place, and how to live in each others 'hip pocket' full time. 
We managed it and had a great summer !!
At the end of October we back-tracked to Wilmington, NC where we settled in for the winter.


From time to time we will publish more issues of our "Adventures (and) Misadventures"

Elliott and Mary Bray
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