The Adventures (and MisAdventures) of Elliott and Mary

This is the story of Mary, Elliott, 'Letitia', and  now 'Toonie'.

Together we have been living a grand adventure and we thought you might 
care to see where we have been and to look over our shoulders as we go to new places.


From January 2004 to Feburary 2011 our partner in this great 
adventure was LETITIA, a 1979 Gulfstar 44 Motor Cruiser

To see pictures, charts and more about Letitia and her journeys 
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We decided to try traveling on land for a while.
After lots of research and looking we selected a 
1996 36' Foretravel U295 Motorhome as our next partner.

We are starting a new segment chronicling our Toonie Adventures
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From time to time we will publish more issues of our "Adventures (and) Misadventures"

Elliott and Mary Bray
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